The key, in my experience, to gaining a foothold in most niches is to the following:

  1. Find and target obscure, low-competition keywords so that you can get content ranking well in search engines as fast as possible.
  2. Publish really great content-better than anything else online covering the topic.

That’s it.

As you go through my courses, that is a recurring theme. I include a ton of additional insights and tips but almost all serve those two fundamental principles of growing a great niche site.

IMO, the most important is the long tail keyword research. When I started figuring out and documenting clever ways to find article topics, my search traffic started growing. I’ve had many folks who have gone through the long tail keyword research module tell me that they’ve enjoyed the same results.

What about link building?

Link building, when done smart, can also help gain a foothold quickly. You elevate the risk but it can do the job nicely. Keep in mind though, that quality link building, just like quality content, takes time and/or costs a lot of money.

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