I used to be a link builder until some of my sites were penalized with the first Google link building penalty in 2012. When that happened, I needed to find a safer, more consistent way to get to traffic.

After a couple of years, I discovered that it was possible to rank for many keywords without any links. The key was finding the right keywords.

This was a game-changing discovery for me and my publishing business. It meant that instead of investing time and money into building links, I could focus on finding the right keywords to target and creating great content for those keywords.

While it’s true that I don’t rank for any huge search volume keywords, I do rank for literally hundreds of thousands of long-tail keywords simply by publishing content.

My online publishing business is built on this approach to SEO. Yours can be too. I hope the methods and tutorials in this course help you find great opportunities.

Please note that if your site is fairly new, it will still take time to rank for any keywords – even those with low competition.


Here’s a list of keyword research-intensive courses.

  • Display Ads Deep Dive: My epic website monetization course (with a focus on using
    display ads for maximum revenue).
  • Natural Link Building Formula: Learn how I publish content that attracts links
    NATURALLY by the thousands (overtime).
  • Niche Exponential: This is a detailed course revealing how I go about setting up,
    monetizing and driving traffic to highly lucrative B2B blogs.
  • On-Site SEO Deep Dive: This expansive course reveals everything I do on my sites for
    optimal on-site search engine optimization.
  • Content Site Autopilot: Mega course setting out how I outsource, set up workflows, and basically how I automate much of building niche sites. Includes my extensive
    library of content briefs (detailed instructions to writers).

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