Are Pliers The Same As Wire Cutters? (Explained!)

Pliers and wire cutters are similar tools that are used for cutting wire, but they have some differences.

Pliers generally have teeth to grab nuts or bolt heads. Wire cutters have blades – to cut wires. They both have a similar physical layout of handles around a fulcrum. The “business end” works a bit differently.

Pliers are hand tool that consists of two jaws, one of which is fixed and the other of which can be moved by a handle. Pliers are used for a variety of tasks, including gripping, bending, and cutting wire.


What is the difference between pliers and cutters?

Pliers and cutters are both hand tools that are used for gripping and cutting, but they have some different structures and purposes.

Cutting Pliers

Pliers are with a long, narrow body and two hinged jaws at one end. They are designed for gripping and holding objects, and are often used for bending, twisting, or applying pressure to materials. Pliers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used for a wide range of tasks, including working with wire, turning screws, and holding small objects.

Wire cutter
Wire cutter

Cutters are tools specifically designed for cutting through materials. There are many different types of cutters, including scissors, shears, and snips, which are used for cutting a variety of materials including paper, cloth, metal, and plastic. Cutters often have sharp, pointed blades that are used to make precise cuts, and may also have handles or levers that provide leverage for cutting through thicker materials.

Can you use pliers to cut the wire?

Some types of pliers, such as diagonal pliers or side-cutting pliers, are specifically designed for cutting wire.

However, pliers are not as efficient at cutting wire as wire cutters because they do not have a dedicated cutting edge and tend to crush the wire rather than cut it cleanly.

wire cutter
plier to cut the wire

What type of plier is used to cut wire?

There are other types of pliers that can also be used for cutting wire.

For example, diagonal pliers (also known as side cutters or dykes) have angled jaws that are used to cut through wire and other small materials. Diagonal pliers are often used by electricians and other professionals who need to cut through wire as part of their work.

Wire cutters, on the other hand, are specialized tools that are specifically designed for cutting wire.


Pliers and wire cutters are similar tools that are used for cutting wire, but wire cutters are specifically designed for this task and are generally more efficient at cutting wire than pliers.

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