Over the years I’ve tried a lot of things including PWAs, infinite scroll, and regular Word Press mobile responsive.

Each has its pros and cons with respect to website metrics (time on site, page views per visitor) and ad revenue. I can’t conclude that any improved search traffic, but none hurt it either.

Site metrics comparison

Below are screenshots of one month on each platform (mobile visitors only). Notice the big differences in time on site and page views per visitor.

Regular mobile responsive theme

Pages per session (mobile): 1.2
Average time on site (mobile): 48 seconds

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Pages per session (mobile): 3.91
Average time on site (mobile): 1 minute, 8 seconds

Infinite Scroll (no PWA)

Pages per session (mobile): 1.50
Average time on site (mobile): 1 minute, 16 seconds.

What about revenue?

The PWA earned pretty well but not as well as AdThrive on mobile with infinite scroll.

The Winner?

It’s close, but since I’m happy with the infinite scroll with AdThrive, for now, the winner is that. While page views per session aren’t as high as they are with a PWA, the time on site is the longest, which for me is the most important metric.

What would be very interesting is deploying a PWA with infinite scroll monetized with AdThrive. Sadly AdThrive won’t work with any of the PWA platforms. I know because I asked.

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