Are Screwdriver Handles Designed for Wrenches? (Explained!)

Using a wrench on a screwdriver is a great way to strip a screw. Some screwdriver handles are shaped so that a wrench can slide over them for more torque.

Only a specific screwdriver handle is designed to accept a wrench. The typical screwdriver handle is not designed that way and will be damaged by trying to turn it with a wrench. Just by looking at it, or visually examining the screwdriver, you can tell if it’s designed to be used with a wrench, and should only be used in this manner when the extra torque is needed

Screwdriver Handles Designed for Wrenches
screwdriver handle designed to be attached to a wrench

Craftsman brand screwdrivers can use a wrench on the handle like in the picture below.

COMFORT OPTIMIZED HANDLE: For high and low torque application

high and low torque application
Craftsman brand screwdrivers
using a wrench on a screwdriver

Ratchet Wrench Set

The socket wrench set allows connecting the small ratchet to the screwdriver that came with it. The screwdriver has all the interchangeable bits to fit almost any screw. Truly amazing. Not only is it better torque when needed, but it also gives you a ratcheting screwdriver.

Micro right angle EDC tool with 90-degree reversible drive handle. The ratchet wrench is made of chrome vanadium steel that is sturdy enough. Head screwdriver bits include Phillips PH1 and PH2, slotted head bits SL5, SL6, security Torx star screwdriver bits T15, T20, and T25, and hex head bitsH4, H5, H6.

crewdriver Handles Designed for Wrenches

Use a screwdriver as a wrench?

This multi-tip right-angled combination ratchet screwdriver set is powered with 72 teeth reversible ratchet system to ensure smooth ratcheting in both directions and enable precision adjustment. And the miniature pocket-size close-quarters bit driver has a magnetic clip inside the hex bit holder to help keep the inserted bit tight in position. You can adjust the direction by simply dialing the spin button during use.

90 Degree Reversible Drive Handle and Multi Hex Bit

The hole design of the screwdriver handles

Lots of screwdrivers have a hole in the handle through which you can put another screwdriver for added torque. The hole at the end of the handle can be inserted into the shaft of another screwdriver to increase the extra torque.

The screwdriver has a size mark on the tail, which is convenient for you to quickly identify and access. A handle hole can add extra torque when you handle rusty screws, you can also hang it on the bracket after use. The hole design of the screwdriver handles is also convenient for storage and can be hung on the wall nail.

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