Are Screwdrivers Hardened steel? (Explained With Examples)

Most screwdriver bits are made with hardened alloy steel, and good screwdrivers use suitable alloys. Commonly used materials include chromium-molybdenum steel, chromium-vanadium steel, and S2 tool steel.

The ceramic screwdriver set is made of ceramic bits and a plastic handle, which is very easy to hold and use. Product with good workmanship, strong hardness, not easy to wear.

higher hardness and higher toughness

Screwdrivers are the most popular hand tools in our daily lives. Although the properties of current screw-driver bits have satisfied the requirement for general use by hand, the demand for screwdriver bits with higher hardness and higher torque values still have been proposed by screwdriver manufacturers to meet the requirement of the competitive business markets.

Higher torque values can be obtained by achieving higher hardness and higher toughness simultaneously; however, higher hardness is usually accompanied by lower toughness. To manufacture a screwdriver bit with both higher hardness and torque, three key factors are crucial and should be taken into consideration: materials, heat treatment, and the machining process.

Screwdriver ends are made out of hardened steel or plastic to suit the purpose and probably other materials like ceramic. Metal dominates because it is strong and easily formed. steel can also be resurfaced if the screwdriver becomes damaged or worn. But there is also one more attribute for those made of ferrous metals. It can be magnetized to hold steel screws.

Alloy Steel Screwdrivers

Alloy Steel Screwdrivers

Screwdriver bits with higher hardness and torque values are necessary and beneficial for manufacturers to promote the sales of their products. Materials, heat treatment, and the machining process are the three key factors affecting the properties of a screwdriver bit. In this study, new steel was developed by alloy design, and further suitable heat treatment with quenching & tempering was applied to obtain the necessary properties.

According to the results, the hardness of a screwdriver bit made with this newly developed steel is greater than HRC60, and the torque value of a screwdriver bit in the shape specification of length 100 mm, 1/4 in. hexagon, with Ph.2 tip is in the range around 228~248 kgf·cm.

What are industrial screwdriver blades made of?

In the hand tool market, the most popular steel used for screwdriver bits is Cr-V steel, such as SAE6150 steel. The hardness of a screwdriver bit made by Cr-V steel is about HRC52 ±2, and the torque value is around 180~190 kgf·cm.

Plastic Screwdrivers

Plastic Screwdrivers
Nylon plastic hard and durable pry tool

Tuning screwdrivers are made of plastic so that they are not electrically conductive and prevent electromagnetic interference, especially with tunable coils.

plastic screwdrivers pry used for opening Tool, Pry Bar, Opening Tool, Disassemble Tool, Repair Kit Set, For Game Console/Controller, Smartphone, Tablet, PC

Anti-static ESD, safely open your device without damage.

  • Nylon plastic hard and durable pry tool/spudger non-marring opening tool set.
  • Professional screen opener tool. Perfect for disassembling smartphones, game controllers, tablets, laptops, and other electronics
  • Anti-static ESD, safely open your device without damage.
  • Portable pry tools with lightweight and compact design, fit in your pocket, easy to carry.

Ceramic Screwdriver

Ceramic Screwdriver

Ceramics screwdrivers insulated electrician for various inductance.

Adjust Frequency Anti Static Ceramic Screwdriver set is adopted precision zirconia ceramics bits, quality and durable. Strong hardness, not easy to wear, good workmanship. The frequency screwdriver kit is suitable for high-frequency circuit adjustment. Fit for various inductance, semi-variable capacitor, half electric resistance, and big brand SMD parts. Comfortable hand feeling, ergonomically design and guarantee optimal force-transmission. A must-have tool for general home usage and industry projects. No electromagnetic induction, electrically and thermally insulated. No eddy current loss in high frequency. Anti-static and insulation ceramic screwdrivers.

Bronze screwdriver

Bronze screwdriver

Bronze screwdrivers are available, hideously expensive, but vital in some environments as they’re non-sparking (explosive risk environments like gas, petroleum, solvent processing) and non-magnetic (around MRI scanners, some machinery, and… bomb disposal).

Beryllium Bronze (aka Beryllium Copper) is a high-strength, non-sparking, and non-metallic. Specialized applications include hazardous environments, aerospace, musical instruments, and precision measurement devices.

Aluminum bronze Copper Alloy Screwdriver made with casting or forging and can be used for petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, railway, and mining. Its hardness is al-bronze(25HRC) and be-bronze(35HRC).

Tensile strength is aluminum-copper alloy over 75-85kgf/mm. Beryllium copper alloy over 105-120kgf/mm.

Titanium screwdriver

Titanium tools are good in magnetic environments, but even more hideously expensive than bronze.

What are the hardest screwdriver bits?

Titanium screwdriver
Titanium screwdrivers

Titanium bits are the hardest screwdriver bits. Titanium screwdrivers are durable and lightweight. Used primarily for aerospace applications where non-scratching tools are crucial.

  • 【Material】: Titanium alloy, permanent color, corrosion and scratch resistant finish; Flawless CNC finish, total length only 88.4mm; 500D CORDURA Nylon waterproof pouch with YKK zipper included.
  • 【Features】:Portable Titanium multifunctional screwdriver set; Bearing on top, allowing the tool to be used for fun; Compatible with 1/4” Hex Key; 33 different screwdriver bits included; Vial slots on the top (vials are optional).
  • 【Multifunctional】: This precision screwdriver set can be used to remove most digital products, various types of computers, phones, cameras, glasses, watches, etc; Bearing on top, allows tools to be used for fun.
  • 【Easy Operate】:33 different screwdriver bits are included and each bit fits perfectly onto the handle. It can be easily changed from one to the other, switching from different screws.


Most of the screwdrivers I see are made of chrome vanadium steel which is iron that has chromium, vanadium, and carbon in it. It is used for strength. Some special-use screwdrivers are made from different alloys depending on usage. Stainless and beryllium come to mind.

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