If you’re super new to this business, you may not have heard about Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

There’s not much to know here other than to set up your site with both Google Search Console and Google Analytics. You can submit your sitemap via Yoast SEO Plugin.

As for Google Analytics, create an account, copy the tracking code and insert it in the header section of your site. Most WordPress themes offer a “Header” area for code. This is where you put it.

Google Search Console

Search Console

I’m not much of a power user but I do like Search Console for receiving notifications about any problems with my sites in Google search. If your site has errors or other problems, Google is nice enough to send you a notification via Search Console.

There is a lot you can do in Search Console, but I don’t do it so I can’t comment on that.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

This tool lets you know how much traffic, page views, and other important metrics your site has in pretty much real-time. It’s definitely worth using and it’s free. Again, I don’t spend too much time mucking around with it other than to monitor my site’s traffic, page views, and time on site.

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