When you fire up a WordPress blog, by default, the URL structure is not good. You need to change this to the following:

SEO Friendly URL Structure in WordPress
Permanent URLs

What this setting does is change your URL slug for each post to reflect the title. However, when you publish a post, it’s a good idea to shorten the URL slug for that post to reflect the most important words.

SEO Friendly Post URL Structure in WordPress

Short post slugs

I typically edit URL slugs in posts so that they are short containing only the main words of the post. I also remove words like “the”, “a”, “and” etc.

Avoid numbers and dates in slugs

If you publish listicles such as 25 Reasons You Need to Start a Blog” avoid putting “25” in the URL slug. The reason I don’t put numbers in U RL slugs is there’s a chance you may add or take away from the list count in the future. If you do this, the URL slug will not reflect the article.

I also avoid putting dates in a slug, but there are exceptions. The exception is if the date is integral to the article such as an income report pertaining to a particular month.

Basically, if there’s any chance I may update the article down the road, I will not put a date in it. If the date is integral to the article, I will put sometimes put it in the URL slug… such as the Fat Stacks income reports.

IMPORTANT: If your site is already live and you’re getting search traffic, switching URL structures is probably not the best thing to do. Stay as-is unless it’s a disaster. If you do change it, you’ll want to ensure you set up redirects from old URLs to new URLs. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t do as I do above.

For example, I have one successful niche site where I noticed I forgot to remove the category from the slug after I started getting some decent search traffic. I didn’t want to affect my momentum so I left it as-is. It’s fine as it is; just not my preferred setup.

Yeah, it’s astonishing I didn’t notice this hiccup earlier on. I guess I was so focussed on the content I failed to notice URL structure until it was too late.

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