Here is another way to uncover more keywords. It’s part of the Google autosuggest method with a twist.
Most people type “best ball games for…”

Instead, put an asterisk between words and see what results you get.

Check out these examples.

Keyword phrase: Start a * business


  • Start a SMALL business
  • Start a CLEANING business
  • Start a CONSULTING business
  • Start a T-SHIRT business
  • Start a DROPSHIPPING business
  • Start a PHOTOGRAPHY business
  • Start a VENDING MACHINE business
  • Start a CLOTHING business

Keyword phrase: Best * recipe


  • Best BANANA BREAD recipe
  • Best CHILLI recipe
  • Best MEATLOAF recipe
  • Best PANCAKE recipe
  • Best MAC AND CHEESE recipe
  • Best LASAGNA recipe
  • Best BROWNIE recipe
  • Best CHOCOLATE CAKE recipe

Keyword phrase: List of * ingredients


  • List of SALAD ingredients
  • List of BAKING ingredients
  • List of FRIED RICE ingredients
  • List of FOOD ingredients
  • List of CAKE ingredients
  • List of KETO ingredients
  • List of PIZZA ingredients
  • List of SUSHI ingredients

Troubleshooting: If it’s not working, here’s how to get it to work:

Type in

List of * ingredients

To find keyword on Google Autosuggest with adding asterisk between words

Then put the cursor on the asterisk and hit the back button and you should get the results as per the screenshot.

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