Can Torque Wrench Be Used In Both Directions? (Solved!)

If you ever have a left-hand threaded fastener that needs to be torqued, the typical torque wrench is not calibrated for this. Some click torque took a very simple approach by allowing the anvil to push through the other side of the ratchet, hence enabling the torque wrench to measure torque in either direction.

Does a torque wrench only work in one direction?

The two-way torque wrench is equipped with a push-through ratchet mechanism that measures torque in both directions. Traditional torque wrenches are used to indicate in the clockwise direction, and can’t be used on an anticlockwise thread.

Therefore, it is necessary for users to always check the wrench’s specification before using it on an anti-clockwise thread to ensure the tool is suitable and, prevent a loss of torque control. Examples of left-hand threads include the left-hand wheel nuts of certain vehicles and the left pedal of bicycles.

Although the features work in the clockwise direction by most torque wrenches, a bidirectional torque wrench including a directional switch makes the torque wrench into a reversible ratchet.

This kind of torque wrench can be used both clockwise and counterclockwise. Clicking sound on the handle alerts the user when the torque value is reached, preventing over-applying torque.

What is a bidirectional torque wrench?

A bi-directional preset torque wrench is a wrench that will apply and measure torque in both the clockwise and counter-clockwise direction.

Dual Direction Ratcheting

The directional switch makes it possible to use the torque wrench as a reversible ratchet.

Some torque wrench uses a micrometer design. It features a spring inside the handle that creates tension in the central shaft or post. When enough torque causes that post to overcome the pivot point, it makes a satisfying double click as it strikes the inside of the wrench handle. The loudness of the click varies with torque, measuring at a very satisfying 87 dB(A) at the ear when breaking a nut at 100 ft-lbs. That’s plenty loud enough to hear—even in a noisy shop.

How do you reverse the direction on a torque wrench?

If your torque wrench has features of dual direction, adjust the paddle of the torque wrench head to measure torque in both directions.

Dual-Direction Click
Dual-Direction Click

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