Why Are Torque Wrenches So Expensive? (Explained!)

Torque wrenches are used to tighten nuts and bolts to a predetermined torque value. It contains precision components. So torque wrenches are more expensive than an adjusted wrench or open wrench.

click torque wrench components
click torque wrench components
Torque Wrenches

Is it worth buying an expensive torque wrench?

You get what you pay for, the higher the price, the higher the quality. Under other things being equal, expensive torque wrenches have far superior operating mechanisms, and ratchet assemblies and are made from top-quality materials, extensive research and development, testing and after-sales service will ensure a product that will meet all expectations.

But price doesn’t always guarantee better results. That depends on your needs and your budget.

Torque Wrenches

Demand, cost analysis, and  pricing decisions

Brands, key features, and types of torque wrenches are also important factors of cost, the price range also depends on them.

Furthermore, the torque wrench has high-end and low-end available. A high-end torque wrench from Snap-On or Precision Instruments will be calibrated perfectly through its range of adjustments.

How much does a decent Torque Wrench cost?

The basic model is priced well within the reach of most people. I purchased Harbor Freight click-style wrench for $16, a wallet-friendly price. I also have a $75 Craftsman store click wrench was a pleasant surprise after its many years of service.

Torque Wrenches

How much should you spend on a torque wrench?

Pro-level torque wrenches for automotive use generally run between $350 and $500. If you’re using your tools to make a living or want the best of the best, that’s about what you can expect to spend.

That does not mean you can’t land a really solid torque wrench for $100-$200. Most DIYers spend about that.

There are many options for less than $100, and some are good for the money. However, it’s essential to do your research to make sure you’re buying the right one for you.

You can get one for very cheap from Harbor Freight (or the like). Just because these are cheap (under $20 US), doesn’t mean they are of poor quality. One will work perfectly for non-critical fasteners.

What is a good Torque wrench?

  • Suit you perfectly, and meet your needs.
  • Quality construction
  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable price
  • Long warranty

Is this Torque wrench any good?

If you work on cars, you’re probably familiar with gutendtheit—we’ve all twisted wrenches until the bolt or nut felt “good and tight.” But is the bolt that’s keeping your engine together, suspension attached or wheel secured to your car really tightened to the proper torque?

If it’s too low, the bolt or nut may work itself loose. If it’s too tight, you risk stripped threads or broken fasteners. If you’re like most of us, you probably use your trusty torque wrench when tightening an important fastener.

Torque Wrenches

How accurate is a cheap torque wrench?

Almost the cheap torque manufacturer claims this wrench is accurate to +/-4 percent.

What Torque Wrench do you recommend?

I have a recommendation: Buy a long-lasting tool that can be recalibrated for a modest price if it drifts out of spec.

Buy a beam torque wrench. They’re cheap, super-accurate, and won’t fall out of calibration with time, like every click-type wrench. I got all 4 of mine (used for very different ranges of torque, the biggest one goes to 250 ft-lbs) for $10-$30 each.

 beam torque wrench
beam torque wrench

Consider Second-hand

Buying tools is expensive, even if you’re doing your best to find values and bargains on the internet. That, coupled with the fact that it’s hard to find anything in stock right now, makes a strong case for buying used. You’ll need to do your homework, and not every seller is upfront about what they have, but in general, you can come out ahead with used.

Secondhand Tips

To make your secondhand search easier, here are two tips for finding the best deals and making sure your new-to-you stuff wasn’t destroyed by the previous owner. 

  • Search for the pro-level tools first. High-end tools are likely taken care of and are least likely to need repair. 
  • Check the torque wrench’s accuracy against a known-good unit or have it calibrated after purchasing. 

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