I love love, love lifestyle niches.

My biggest niche site is a lifestyle niche.

My fashion site is a lifestyle niche.

What are lifestyle niches?

It’s hard to define with words but they’re niches designed to enhance lives. Whether it’s to look better, feel better, have a better house, enjoy travel, camping, entertainment, cuisine, etc.

They’re often big niches with plenty of interest

You can take the influencer approach or straight-up SEO approach or both.

I tend to focus on the SEO approach.

If you go the influencer approach (think popular beauty YouTubers), you can definitely run an email newsletter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. for a ton of engagement, affiliate promotions, and traffic.

If you prefer a more corporate website approach, focus on search engine traffic. This is what I do… for now. I may expand with an influencer angle down the road but currently, I don’t.

What’s interesting about these niches is they can serve multiple purposes simultaneously such as inform, entertain, inspire, and even humor. I love that about these niches because there are so many different types of articles you can write that will fit on the site just fine.

There are also often affiliate marketing opportunities as well, although for now, I focus on traffic and monetizing with display ads.

IMO, you can’t go wrong with a lifestyle blog.

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