Like sports niches, money niches span many different types and approaches.

You could do a full spectrum money site covering news, finance, budgeting, making money, investing, and more, or narrow it down.

Not all money niches, IMO, require expertise.

Personal finance does but covering business news or budgeting doesn’t.

Personally, aside from making money, I’d avoid money niches.

I’m not into News niches just because it’s often not evergreen content.

Money can enter the lifestyle realm as well. Think luxury, net worth, celebrity, Most expensive… these are money-oriented lifestyle niches.

Money Niches

Basically, you can break money niches down as follows:

  1. How to make more money: blogging, investing, careers, real estate
  2. How to save more money: budgeting, collecting points, couponing
  3. Inspiration: Luxury, net worth
  4. News

That’s about it All the money niches fall into one of those.

My fave, if you haven’t guessed it yet, is how to make more money. I’d rather invest time and money into making more money than save more money.

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