Problem-solving niches can be insanely lucrative but also competitive.

People will spend a lot of money quickly to solve a problem. I do. You probably do too.

What are problem-solving niches?

Most fall into the “health, wealth or relationships” arena.

Examples include:

  • Weight loss
  • Medical anything (although unless credentialed, I don’t suggest jumping into medical niches)
  • Money problems/bankruptcy
  • Relationships

Clickbank is a darling affiliate network where folks can find products to promote in these niches. I strongly recommend you buy any of the products before promoting them. Some are not very good. However, I also think Clickbank has an undeserved bad reputation.

I’ve bought many info-products there that I thought was great. I typically buy workout-oriented programs.

The nice thing about these info products is the commissions are very high per sale.

In some cases, there are some physical products to promote as well. Think back to pain and all the potential gadgets and devices one could buy.

Breaking into these niches is not easy. Because there is so much money involved, they are competitive. That said, these are big niches so there are low competition keywords to go after. Start with those and build up.

I’m not in any of these niches unless you count Fat Stacks as a problem-solving niche.

Like business and hobby niches, email marketing can be a good thing to include just because many of these problems aren’t quickly solved. You can engage and promote to this type of audience for months and in some cases for years.

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