One type of niche site is what’s referred to as a product-oriented niche site aka Amazon Affiliate Site.

I’m not a fan of these although I have one.

What is this type of site?

It’s a site dedicated to a product line.

Instead of covering products as part of a larger niche, you blatantly make it clear the site is mostly about a particular product line.

Examples include:

  • Smartwatches/wearables (I’m doing this)
  • Vacuums
  • Kids toys
  • Blenders (or slightly broader- small kitchen appliances)
  • Mattresses

You get the idea.

I have a site like this that I’m working hard on so I can’t say that this isn’t a good approach to choosing a niche. It can be very good. I also have the luxury to have a writer who writes 95% of the content. He tests the smartwatches and writes the reviews and comparisons.

However, I believe sites that are broader that incorporate product lines and promotion are better. That’s not to say they can’t work. Many folks print money with such sites. It’s just a preference primarily based on the fact that writing about products constantly gets very, very boring. It’s also usually more competitive. Therefore, I like starting purely information content (obscure topics so that I can rank easily) and building up to more competitive keywords (like product reviews) down the road.

With my smartwatch site, I hope to expand into wearables generally but it’s been a lot just keeping up with all the smartwatches (not to mention expensive buying them all).

The affiliate marketing course goes through how to plan and structure a series of product promotions.

Monetizing these sites

Most folks who publish these types of sites monetize primarily with affiliate links. It’s a proven strategy.

However, I prefer monetizing with display ads. Interestingly, my smartwatch site earns far more from display ads than affiliate commissions.

Therefore, even if you go the Product affiliate site approach, definitely test having ads on the site along with affiliate links. I’ve heard from many friends who have nearly double revenue just by putting ads on their affiliate niche site.

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