For any course, you should always look for any credentials or proof that whoever is behind the course knows what they’re talking about.

So, what do I know about different niches?

I don’t know everything, but I suspect I know more than most. The reason for this is I’ve spent weeks of my life researching niches. I’ve also published dozens of sites over the years spanning many different niches.

In fact, within my broader niche sites, I incorporate several niches. While I haven’t done it all, I’ve done quite a bit.

This niche selection course is not formulaic. The best I can do is provide some background and some tips on choosing a niche. Beyond that, you ultimately have to make the decision.

I currently focus on 4 niche sites. They are all quite different.

I like the variety.

  1. Product Niches (aka Amazon Niche Sites)
  2. Business Niches
  3. Hobby Niches
  4. Problem Solving Niches
  5. Life style Niches
  6. Self Improvement Niches
  7. Sports Niches []
  8. Money Niches

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